Thursday, June 8, 2017

Perfecting the Chemistry in your Psychotherapeutic Relationships

Hi, I’m Shoshana Stein, a veteran of the psychotherapeutic process

  • Are you thinking about seeing a psychiatrist or psychotherapist?
  •  Maybe you made a first appointment and panic is setting in?
  • Perhaps you are in treatment and it’s not what you expected?

Let’s Start with The Basics: The Accredited and Certified Mental Health Professions

You know something’s wrong. Maybe a spouse, boss, or friend pointed it out, or in your gut, you know you are struggling. So, what kind of help is there out in the world for what gnaws at you?

Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists, The Differences

·         They are physicians. MDs.
·         They prescribe medication and treatment for brain illnesses that appear as disturbances in behavior, perception, and thought.
·         They can admit and treat people with in-patient hospital admissions
·         Very few psychiatrists perform psychotherapy.
·         They do refer their patients for psychotherapy if needed

  Clinical Psychologists
·         They are not MDs. They do not prescribe medication
·         Psychologists have doctorates or master’s degrees
·         They have undergone rigorous training, testing and licensing.
·         They are trained to administer psychological tests
·         They are expert with problems ranging from struggles with your child to coping with a significant mental or physical illness.
·         If they believe you need an MD, they will refer you.
·         It is a catch-all title for mental health professionals who engage in talk therapy. They can be licensed clinical social workers, masters degreed social workers, counselors, etc.
·         They may have master’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees
·         They have undergone rigorous training, testing and licensing.
·         They are trained to engage in mental health treatment
·         They will also refer you to a psychiatrist if they see a biochemical component to your issues.

These are the professions that will provide you with the expertise you need to help you with your struggles.

Focus your search on evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques and practitioners. You will have the best possible outcome. Evidence based techniques have been evaluated through scientific research for effectiveness. There are different kinds of effective techniques and one will be right for your unique struggle.

So, how do you find the right psychotherapist or psychiatrist for your needs?  There’s a strategy for finding your match. In the next blog we discuss how to find the best psychotherapist for you.

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